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What will this free tool help me do?
Discover all your Windows privileged accounts, including service accounts, and get a detailed report that highlights any weak points.

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Privileged Accounts Discovery for Windows

Privileged account passwords are a hacker's favourite target. Once breached these accounts give hackers free reign of your network.

You already know there are lots of privileged accounts on your network. But there are probably many more that you’re missing. So begin the process of protecting your privileged accounts with a good look at what they are.

Here's what you'll get from this free tool:

Save time. Discover all your Windows privileged accounts across your organisation.


A management-ready report that helps you to assess your privileged accounts and weaknesses.


Free forever. Re-run the Discovery Tool at any time to identify new accounts and confirm compliance.

Free Forever

With detailed intelligence, you can start securing your privileged accounts before it’s too late.

Detailed Intelligence

Why Choose Thycotic?

The fastest growing provider of Privilege Management solutions, Thycotic secures more than 10,000 organisations worldwide including Fortune 500 enterprises - giving the company unique insight into the challenges enterprises are facing. Thycotic's award-winning Privileged Account Management minimises risk, limits access, and controls applications on endpoints and servers.

How big is your privileged account problem?
Find out for free with the Privileged Accounts Discovery Tool for Windows

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Privileged Accounts Discovery for Windows
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